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The High Country Knitwear Newsletter


Yes, I’ve been knitting, and I’ve finished a new pattern based on the plain old brown paper grocery bag.  This is an antidote what I think are to increasing array of elaborate bags in eye-blinking colors.  The big one is for grocery shopping and the local Green Market; the smaller makes for a handbag; either would make a knitting bag.  Both are undemanding, or what I have come to call “Netflix Knitting.”  Let me know what you think.  Here’s the smaller one, click the picture to go to the pattern page:

Shopping bagI took advantage of Colorado’s early voting arrangements, knowing the polls would be crowded on Election Day. Whoever you support, please vote.  If you can’t support either of the candidates for president, there is much else to vote for:  Representatives and Senators, state and local officials, and ballot initiatives.  It took me a week to figure out the long ballot here, but only ten minutes, following the cheat sheet I’d made, to vote.

Looking toward the holidays, with the economy in trouble, most of us are concerned about our family budgets. I know you have time to make some of your gifts.  But you haven’t got time to knit all of them, make cookies and put them in festive-looking boxes, give some of the jam you made in July and August, put some of the lavender you dried in pretty sachet bags, or take some time at the computer to print your favorite recipes for close friends who love them.

Remember that all this economic catastrophe came because government, business, and too many of us, as individuals and families, forgot the best plan-for-the-future mantra that ever was.  There is no shame in saying, now or ever, “I can’t afford it right now.”  It may take some practice, but you can do it!  It doesn’t mean you’re not a thoughtful and generous friend, but, this year, be generous with what is so rare:  time and thought.

Oh, and get a flu shot.  I had an appointment for one, but came down with the flu the day before and had to cancel, which meant a couple of weeks of fever, headache, and coughing.

I’ll be checking back in long before the holidays, but I hope you all enjoy the brisk glory of the weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving. 


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