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The High Country Knitwear Newsletter

Dear Friends of HCK,

Shannon Hake has learned to knit in the last year. As her skills improved by leaps and bounds, she wanted to make the HCK cowboy hat for her husband, Dave, the head tracker for Larimer County Search and Rescue. Hed said I dont think so, until the day the HCK website went up. While Shannon was looking at it for the first time, he leaned over her shoulder, squinted at the computer screen, and said, Is that the hat youve been talking about. Sure, Id like one of those!

Not long after, Shannon and I went shopping for yarn, bought a big hank of mouse-grey Cascade Ecological Wool, and some Cascade 220 in red, black, and white for the band. In a couple of weekends, she knit it up for him, and this was the result, including Daves e-mails to his SAR mates at the final stages, which cracked me up.

Subject: How do I break it to her??

My wife said she wanted to knit me a tracking hat..... I said... "KNIT me a tracking hat?" She said yes!.... So I let her......

Well, she asked me to try it on because she was finished knitting it today (See photo)

How do I break it to her that it's not quite my size?

You are laughing, I know.... how do you think I feel knowing that I have to wear it and say I like it!! She even tried it on and said it would be fine!


Subject: Okay!

Ok..... I guess she was finished knitting it BUT... she wasn't FINISHED with it! It's made of wool yarn and she had to "Felt it". She puts it in the washer through a series of hot washing cycles, shaping and sizing, then.... it turns out like this!! I LIKE IT! (see photo)

She got the pattern from one of her knitting friends who's selling patterns on her web page.Check it out!

Bring on the snow! :-)


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