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Here are the directions for my Red Scarf Project Scarf for this year.  Knitters should check the link to the project at:
http://www.orphan.org/index.php?id=40 scarf, for specifications, dates (changed to September this year, from January in years past), and the mailing address. 

This effort, by the Orphan Foundation of America, asks for donations of scarves to be included in gift packages to young people going to college from foster care--a small percentage, but a large number of youngsters coping without families.  They suggest inclusion of a card, and, if possible, a gift card (telephone, bookstore, fast food, etc).

This simple free pattern, geared to even beginning knitters, was worked in 3 50 gram balls of Madil's new Fusion, in colorway 713, a rich, lightly variegated red that neither stripes nor pools, but is varied enough for depth of color and interest.  The fiber content is 36% wool, 20% mohair, and 44% Dralon acrylic, and the result is a scarf 7 inches wide by almost exactly six feet--enough to wrap and tie on a cold day.  It's soft and as pleasant to wear as it is to work with. I worked mine early, so it will be ready to go for the new dates, September instead of January.

Three 50 gm balls which work out exactly for a slender--6 1/2 inches wide--six-foot scarf that can be wrapped around, drapes nicely, and is then tied in front.

The pattern is a simple a moss stitch rib, sometimes called Mistake Stitch rib, or (more bluntly) Drunkard’s rib, which you can use in any width that is anything that is a multiple of four stitches + 1.

I decided on 29 stitches, on #8 needles, for a width of 6 ½ inches with this pattern.

Here is the chart.  Please bear in mind that it will take a few rows to catch the rhythm of this stitch, and then it really flies.  This is a fully reversible pattern, which I like for scarves, and is actually a K3, P1 rib, but with the sequence offset on alternating rows.(which is how it was termed “mistake” or “drunkard’s rib) to make a lofty and quite interesting fabric.

At C on the chart, cast on left to right, P2, k1, *P3, K1", P1 (29 stitches for this one)
On row 2, and all right-side rows, P1, *K3, P1*
On row 3, and all wrong-side rows, K2, P1, "K3, P1* K2

When you've worked all the yarn, and have only enough left to bind off, bind off in pattern.

Weave in ends along sides of the scarf, to make it full reversible with no woven in ends on front or back.  Wet-block without stretching, or steam block.




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