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My friend Liz, having worked two of the patterns, talked me into listing them here for others who crochet, and those who would like to.   Here she is, on a spring cruise, wearing her music-themed one—absolutely gorgeous.

Here you’ll find three patterns, adapted from old sources, and newly charted—a painstaking job, if ever there was one.  But they are handsome, and include a Prancing Pony crib blanket, and Eastlake shawl adapted from that, and the Music Shawl.

If there is sufficient demand, I’ll do some more, because there is a lot of old material available if you have the patience to figure them out from old half-tones, with magnifying glass in hand, and translate them to modern software.

The technique is simple, fortunately, and you can find full instructions in elementary crochet instructionals and on the Web.

And that Liz actually did the music shawl on a deadline proves that one can do it!  I have not yet made one, but she’s inspired me.  I hope she inspires some of you.

*Adapted from non-copyright sources by Pat Feeley for High Country Knitwear.