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The High Country Knitwear Newsletter

after the rain

Hi, everyone!

hailfestivaThis is Mollie (Pat's daughter and webperson) here! Mom's all right, but it is summer, meaning that Mom's garden is in full swing and so is Mom. She's been digging out new beds, transplanting, weeding, mowing, edging, pruning, digiging and dividing her bulbs. She's also been breaking up an old, decrepit flagstone patio with a five-pound sledge and chisel. She asked me to write to tell all of you that she's not coming near a keyboard until her hands are clean and she is not so sore.

Despite four hailstorms, wind, and some epic thunderstorms since the start of June, the garden did not take much damage at all. Though after the latest on the 22nd, she says that all that lush, green peony foliage looks as if it has been in an epic bar fight.


Everything, as you can see, is going all out this year.


That being said, Mom's written a new pair of new Tips & Tricks for you to download and keep. Both scarves, and really wonderful. Mom made the Seahouses, Cable and Ladder pattern scarf for me, and the Gansey Sampler scarf for a friend who was feeling the cold. They're both lovely, and I can tell you that as a bicycle commuter, mine keeps me nice and warm. Either or both will make a treasured gift, or something you'll treasure the first day that Mother Nature hits you with snootful of sleet and blasts of rain.

Speaking of gifts, even though the official first day of summer in not until the twenty-first, it's still not too early to start planning out your cool weather knitting, or even your holiday knitting! When the cool weather hits, you're going to need that sweater, or a shawl, or mittens, and those socks are just the thing to keep someone's feet warm. Since it's summer, it's also a great time to stock up on the wool to make them; my local chain crafts store is offloading all of last year's yarn in preparation for bringing in this year's yarn.

Which looks like last year's yarn to me, but hey.

With a little head start, you'll have what you need, when you need it, and with a lot less stress than trying to bang out all your projects in the time between Labor Day and Christmas Eve. Say you start on the big stuff first - a garment like the Steamboater Sweater. You need time to do that, because rushing through something is the first step to botching it, and this is supposed to be fun! Pour a big glass of iced tea, sit back and knit. After you've finished that, look at other things you want to do and then make a best guess as to how much time you'll need to complete them.

Want a Caroller's Hooded Scarf?

Would the Cuzco Bags be perfect for the girls?

Think the big Shopping Tote would make a wonderful gift?

Plan, or you're really going to drive yourself bonkers by Advent.

jodiehatAnd here is something Mom loves to see; a finished project! The Cowboy Hat is HCK's best seller, and this one is by Jodie J of Colorado! Please, send in your pics - Mom and I love them.

That's it from me, the next newsletter will be from Mom. Until then,

Knit On!


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