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Welcome to HCK's pattern page! As you can see, there have been a few changes. With nearly thirty projects to choose from, the old sidebar was becoming a bit unweildy. The patterns are now accessible by this page, and clicking on a link above will take you directly to the category you seek. From there, you can navigate to the pattern summary, and from there you can purchase and download your pattern.

All of our pattern are fully charted, and are a great value at only $5.00 US - about a third of what you'd pay for a pattern book. Alternatively, try out HCK's Polar Bear scarf for only $1.00!

For more how-to on dowloading, please go to to our instructions page - and if there are any problems, please contact HCK.


Please welcome the amazing Not-a-Scarf 2.0!

Not-a-Scarf 2.0 is quick to work up, makes a wonderful gift for anyone who lives where it gets really cold, and is fun to do. 

It can be varied in its yarn (get gauge, please!), and style.  The cabling helps make it warmer, but you can do jacquard with this to good effect, as well, with the floats across the back providing extra warmth and wind-turning capabilties. It has a pocket in front where you can keep a cell phone, MP3 player or a handkerchief, and it won't slither off, get in the way, or be left behind on a coffee shop coat hook. And the big collar can be turned up when the wind is blowing, which I love.

My daughter, who lives in Southern California, swears by this scarf when the winter winds come whipping out of the canyons.


Spotlight Pattern: Tote & Shopper

ShopperShoulder bagWelcome to HCK's monthly spotlight!

In the spotlight this month is our HCK shopping bag and shoulder tote. In one download you have two differently-sized and very versatile bags. With all the spring shopping and the farmers' market season coming up, a durable, versatile, and wearable bag is right for whatever purpose you have.

Books? There's loads of room for texts and notebooks, even a laptop.

Maybe you're taking the baby? Ditch the cutesy diaper bag, and carry a bag that outlasts bottles and changings.

How about bringing back all the delicious spring produce from the farmers' market or a gang of frozen dinners from King Sooper's? The felted wool will pad and insulate your purchases, not to mention that it is more durable than store totes and more earth-friendly than plastic or paper bags.

MillieTo give you some idea of scale, I've posed Millie with the shoulder version of the bag. This version makes a roomy overnight bag or a cramable, stuffable carry-on that will comply with the ever-shrinking airline baggage allowance. A friend of mine even uses hers as a footwarmer for long waits in drafty airports.

And, yes, it is a felted bag, but don't be intimidated! Yarn companies now make lots of felting-friendly yarns. Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride, Cascade 220, Crystal Palace, and many more are out to tempt you with colorways in endless variety. I'd love to see some of the variations you can come up with, so please feel free to email me with your creations and knit on!


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Our best sellers!

Felted Cowboy Hat || Caroler's Hooded Scarf


High Country Knitwear's Felted Cowboy Hat

Here at High Country Knitwear, there are two patterns that are perennial best sellers. Season after season, the Cowboy Hat and Caroler's Hooded Scarf are keeping heads warm around the globe.

Boys in hats.Boy's MomSo many HCK customers have sent in photos of their completed hats that it was hard to choose which to put here! These are from Meg K of Michigan, showing the ones she made for herself and her three boys.

The hats and their bands can be done in any type of wool suitable for felting work, and in any color you might wish. The thick felting keeps cold winds and varieties of wet at bay as far north as White Horse in Yukon Territory, as far south as Dover in Tasmania, from the urban wilds all the way to the of the high country.

With the potato-chip brim and a colorful band, get ready to hear a lot of "Oh, wow! Where did you find that hat?"

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Caroler's Hooded Scarf

Pretty!No hat hair!The Caroler's Hooded Scarf is a wearable and unique way to keep warm and not have to deal with the dreaded 'hat hair'. Inspired by 'A Christmas Carol' this scarf is small enough to be reasonably priced even when made in a luxury yarn, or knit in a worsted by Paton's, Cascade, or Lion Brand for a multitude of friends and family. Knit in a cotton blend, it can be worn spring and summer against Santa Ana winds in Los Angeles, or in a roadster with the top down.


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Wearable Hugs

Altiplano Vest || Andes Sweater || Breton Fisherman's Sweater & Rugby Shirt || Fitted Vest

Knitted Shirt || Natasha Sweater || Silver Streak Sweater || Steamboater Sweater || Back to Top


bluetneck"Oh, you have to tell me where you got that!"

Who does not love a beautiful garment, one like no other? By knitting your own, you are always wearing something unique and memorable. By knitting them for others, you give a wearable hug that lasts a lifetime. With HCK, you have the patterns, workpages, and the help it takes to make them fit and flatter just about any shape in the Tips & Tricks section. Since HCK patterns are designed with active people in mind, you'll knit something that looks good on you as well as the hanger!


Altiplano Vest

AltiplanoCharted completely in larger gauge yarns, the Altiplano vest comes with three options for pockets. Ready to go over your favorite turtleneck on days when you need need that little extra, this vest is stylish and practical as well as beautiful in natural colored yarns. Additional information is available on the purchase page.

If you like the color-change work, but maybe want something a little easier or smaller for a starting project, why not try Andes, the felted Cuzco Bag, or the Crested Butte hat in Cuzco motifs?

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Andes Sweater

Andes sweaterCousin to Altiplano, this roomy sweater has a hem instead of ribbing - no more sweater bunch! Worked in Andean motifs, Andes is charted for larger yarns, and is easier (even with the colorchange work) than Fair Isle and Nordic sweaters knit with finer yarns on smaller needles. If you're interested in colorchange work, this sweater is an ideal introduction.

If you love the motifs, but want to start out a bit smaller, then have a look at HCK's Crested Butte hat in Cuzco motifs or at the Cuzco bags. Besides, they'll be the perfect accessories for this sweater.

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Breton Fisherman's Shirt and Classic Rugby Shirt

bretonrugby A classic Breton fisherman's sweater and a classic rugby shirt in one pattern gives you both style and warmth however you choose to wear it. A two-fer, knit it in your team's colors for those chilly seats, a day out on the water, or a run to the market for game day munchies.

Suitable for men or women sport roomy shoulders for ease of movement.

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The Fitted Vest

Fitted VestFeminine and chic, this vest is versatile wardrobe workhorse. Whether you wear it over a tee to the market, with a tailored skirt or trousers at the office, or paired with pearls and a more formal skirt and blouse for evening out, you'll cut a fine figure.

With so many possible yarns and all the buttons to choose from, this pattern could really get a lot of mileage in whatever variation you choose. A classic black with silver buttons is always in good taste, or perhaps you'd like a lovely tweed by Rowan with horn buttons, or maybe a cuddly warm blend of alpaca and wool like Cascade's Lana d'Oro?

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Knitted No-Sew Shirt

Knitted Shirt Shhh... it's a pattern, but also a Tips & Tricks! 

As a no-sew shirt shown here in a pima-tencel for warm weather, this waffle-stitch shirt can also go under a shirt or sweater in cooler weather. If you wish, leave the sleeves off and wear it as a tank top for summer days. In a similarly gauged soft alpaca, it might also easily be a winter shirt. And it's no-sew.


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Natasha Sweater

NatashaInspired by a lovely Russian shawl, Natasha is an A-line sweater that flatters the figure and the bank balance. In a kitten-soft angora blend, you'll feel elegant and pampered in Natasha - and you'll have done it all yourself.

Any lightweight worsted wool--not a heavier worsted such as Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride - or a blend with angora, alpaca, cashmere, or silk is a good substitute for Cloud 9, especially one that is soft and drapey, will work to make this as a dressier sweater.  A high-quality washable wool, such as Cascade 220, will make an easy-care, harder-wearing sweater for every day wear.

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Silver Streak Sweater

Collar DetailWorked in an unusual technique, up from a cable band hem that helps with the fitting, this A-line cabled sweater is a stand-alone stunner. When you're asked where you bought it, just imagine saying, "Oh, I knit this myself!"

The wool is an alpaca/wool silk blend, and as you can see from the detail on the collar gives a lovely sheen without being at all stiff. Dressing up or dressing down, Silver Streak is versatile and feminine without sacrificing warmth and comfort. A light colored yarn will show the cabling beautifully, while a darker one will render the pattern more subtly.

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Steamboater Sweater

RowrHe's handsome, dashing, unique and so very warm... but he's dependable, too! With all the qualities that make for a wonderful, satisfying relationship.

The sweater, ladies, the sweater!

This up-from-cable counterpart to Silver Streak is the comfortable sweater you'll knit for Him - and borrow often. Also, according to Pat, this is one sweater that is not subject to the dreaded Boyfriend Sweater Curse. Please go to the purchase page to see all the lovely details on collar, cuffs, and hem - then go pick your wools.

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Hats, Scarves, Mittens & More || Pat's Animal Scarves

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Hats, Mittens, Scarves & More

Balaclava || Crested Butte Hat || Cuff-Kerchief & Not-A-Scarf || Fingerless Mittens

Multi-Sized Mittens || Storm Hood || Turtleneck Dickey || Back to Top



BalaclavaThe balaclava originated among Britsh troops in the Ukraine during the Crimean War, and those poor souls knew from cold! The original pattern covered the head, neck and shoulders of the wearer, though in modern times, it has been abbreviated to just cover the head and neck. This pattern is the classic, and when worn under a hooded parka can prevent the wind-tunnel effect that sends a blast of cold wind swooshing around your ears and down your neck. Wear it downhill or downtown, on the back of your bike, or to your next cavalry charge.

Knit in an Aran-weight or worsted, the balaclava is a wonderful gift for the outdoors-loving person. Try it in an international orange for your hunter or bicycle commuter.

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Crested Butte Hat

CrestedWhat do do with the stash? Named after 'the last great ski town' in Colorado, Crested Butte is so nice you'll knit it twice - once for the hat and twice once for the lining. The version here is knit in Cascade Cloud 9 with a strand of King Cole Luxury Mohair, the lining from Cascade Ecological wool. Your only limit is your stash, and that is no limit at all!

This hat also looks great in the motifs shown on the Andes and Altiplano in the garments section, or from the Cuzco bags below. Knit this with a matching pair of the Fingerless Mittens or the Multi-Sized mittens and you have a wearable hug and kiss for someone special.

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Cuff-Kerchief & Not-A-Scarf

CuffnotascarfHow come all those gorgeous models in the ads for outdoor wear never seem to have the "drippy nose" I associate with active, outdoors and cold? How many times have you stopped shoveling, raking, or loading the car to fumble around in your pockets or purse for the tissues (in the car) or a handkerchief (back at the house) or even a wad of Burger King napkins (hope that's mustard) to allay the drip? My friend Kathy White came up with this Cuff-Kerchief idea in inexpensive and fast-drying synthetics, the prototypes for which were tested by the local S&R team; who promptly pled to keep them.

The Not-A-Scarf is an answer to keeping ends tucked in. There are no ends! Perfect for filling in the space of that v-neck, or for times when you can't have ends dangling, the Not-A-Scarf can be knit in anything from your stash, to synthetics or luxury wools,without denting the the wallet.

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Fingerless Mittens

warrrrm!As the price of heating the house goes up and thermostats are dialed down, there are a lot of cold hands to go around. Fingerless mittens give you the warmth without muffling your fingers, leaving you able to work at the keyboard, knit, or do any number of things requiring warm and nimble digits. These also make an economical use-the-stash project, and make a fine, thoughful gift for all those who feel the cold.

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Multi-Size Mittens


So many hands, so little time! With these easy patterns for wear-on-any-hand mittens, you've got them covered. Knit from stash or buy wool for a slew of stocking stuffers, these mitts knit quickly and easily. They're perfect for color-change work, and can be made to match hats with hats and scarves - check out the Cuzco bags, the Storm Hood, or even some of the Cowachin motifs for ideas.

And don't forget: Make three, so when one is lost, you still have a pair!

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Storm Hood

hoodBaby, it's cold outside! The Storm Hood, with its ribbed neck and comfortable hood can be worn up or down as a cowl collar. Whether in a lovely Norwegian motif or in one simple color, it's an accessory that you'll want to take with you no matter where you go. It fits easily in a backpack, purse, or briefcase for those mornings when the weatherman can be seen to flip a coin before the forecast.

Try it in a Sandnes or Dale of Norway yarn, or your favorite Patons or Rowan. It would also be lovely made to match a pair of Multi-Sized Mittens or Fingerless Mittens, too.

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Turtleneck Dickey

Happy Postman Why is this man smiling? This man is smiling because he is warm.

Why is he warm? Because someone knit him a turtleneck dickey!

If you can do garter stitch and ribbing, increase and decrease, cast on and cast off you can do this project with just seven ounces (or about 200g) of your favorite knitting worsted. Shown here in the nearest thing to postal blue, this could also be knit in a tweed, or international orange for your favorite outdoor hobbist. Buy extra yarn and you could make the Fingerless Mittens he's wearing, too!

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Pat's Animal Scarves: The Zoo

polarbearMeow!Cute, fun to make and even more fun to wear, the animal scarf collection is a wonderful gathering of projects for the novice, intermediate, and experienced knitter. Novice knitters will love HCK's $1.00 Polar Bear scarf, done in a simple garter stitch and a delight for both adults and children.The customizable Pussycat scarf is for those with full-on kittymania. The Pussycat scarf can also - with the customizable chart - be an introduction to colorchange work for intermediate knitters.


sheepBisonOliverThe Sheep scarf, worked in an alpaca with whirly-swirly curly mohair from MaggiKnits, will come together more easily for someone who has worked one of the other animal scarves, including Polar Bear. The scarf is also knitable in an alpaca chenille, and altogether sweet in whatever you choose.

Experienced knitters can try the Bison scarf, with its multiple yarns and stitching techniques, or the Raccoon scarf with intarsia and a charming raccoon face and ringed, stuffed tail.

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Bags and Totes

Cuzco Bags || Felted Camera Bag || Shopper and Shoulder Totes

Cuzco Bags

BagsSmall bags knit on #9 circular needles are an excellent use of leftovers or knit for a multitude as throughtful gifts. The bag itself is a simple cylinder, and though I've made these small, you can alter the formula as you see fit. Shown here is Cuzco motifs, these could easily be made and felted in Cowachin motifs, Congolese Kuba motifs or your favorite colors.

Great around town as a purse, or a naturallyinsulating lunch bag for eco-conscious knitters, too!

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Felted Camera Bag

cambagA dropped digital camera is a broken digital camera. Protect your investment with a nice, shock-absorbing felted wool camera case. An easy-in, easy-out bag for all but the big DSLR rigs. My daughter has no trouble using her substantial Canon SX100IS in this case. It's also a snap for going through airport security, something you can't say about a bells-and-whistles, zippers-and-flaps commercial camera bag.

Handy hint - this bag can go under a jacket or coat, just hang it from your shoulder before putting on your outerwear. This way your camera is easily available, but protected from prying eyes - and fingers.

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Shopping Tote - HCK's Spotlight Pattern!

Yes, it is a felted bag: but what a bag it is! With one download you get two versatile sizes for all of your take-it-with-yous and bring-it-backs.

Books? There's loads of room for texts and notebooks, even a laptop. Maybe you're taking the baby? Ditch the cutesy diaper bag, and carry a bag that outlasts bottles and changings. How about bringing back all the delicious spring produce from the farmers' market or a gang of frozen dinners from King Sooper's? The felted wool will pad and insulate your purchases, not to mention that it is more durable than store totes and more earth-friendly than plastic or paper bags. The larger size even makes a great crammable, stuffable carry on for the ever changing carry-on baggage allowance.

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Socks 101 and 201

warmfeetIs there anything more miserable that cold, wet feet? Squishy soles and damp socks make you feel colder and more miserable than rotten weather. Now, what feels more cozy than warm feet? Warm feet bring to mind winter days curled up in a warm house, with a cup of something warm close to hand, and wiggly-warm toes. Warm feet are happy feet! Happy feet make a happy, warm you - or someone you love.

101 is for crew socks, and 201 is for knee socks fit for happy feet!

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Shawls and Wraps

Filet Crochet Music Shawl

crochetAdapted from old half-tone patterns, the filet crochet music shawl is a lovely and graceful accessory to keep your shoulders warm and inspire 'Oh, where did you find that?" from passers-by. Three patterns in this download will give you plenty of material to work with - the music shawl, a prancing pony crib blanket, and a lovely Eastlake shawl adapted from that.

It's a very time and labor intensive job, rendering old patterns into modern ones, so I am waiting to see if there is any demand for more like thses. As always, I'd be happy to see photos of your finished projects and to post them for others to admire, too.

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