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What's New, Pussycat?

Sandra Singh, a yarn shop owner and internet yarn merchant based in Austin, Texas, asked me for more designs for animal scarves, since the ones she had were doing rather well (especially considering the heat of a Texas summer and the recent unseasonable floods!).

So here is one for a pussycat scarf, modelled on my late, great, family cat, a Russian Blue called The Grey Baby, who lived to the age of 24. 

The chart for this is in white, because you don’t want to do my cat; you want to do your cat.  The white chart will let you print out and color in with felt tip markers or pencils to obtain your cat’s own patterning, which may make this an intarsia project.  Only you can decide whether now is the time to master this technique, if you haven’t already.

Like all the animal scarves, this is in garter stitch, and works up quickly on #10 ½ needles, for a gauge of about 12 stitches and 24 rows (12 ridges), using the equivalent of a doubled knitting worsted or Aran weight, or any yarn or combination of yarns that will knit to approximately that gauge. 



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