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Altiplano Vest

If anything says you’re a knitter, it's this sheep scarf - warm, woolly, cozy, and ready to supervise all your endeavors with needles and yarn. This yarn is MaggiKnits curly mohair boucle run with a slender strand of alpaca, with the head and legs in doubled Cascade 220. If I made it again, I think I'd use an alpaca chenille, which would be altogether easier.

She's worked from the back legs to the head and front legs, and then washed so the yarn will bloom and soften. It certainly worked for Alicia, aka The Zipper Lady of http://www.thezipperlady.com, the other morning at the Farmer's Market - just enough on a cool morning..

All in all, though, this is a fairly quick project, all in garter stitch, and especially if you've worked any of the other animal scarves, including the free Polar Bear, he will come together fairly quickly.

The animal scarves began with my being inspired by a scarf by Amy Bahrt, published in 2003 as part of Vogue's Scarves Two in their On the Go! series. I'm still having fun with elaborating on that inspiration.


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