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Download two excellent sources for fitting.
More on making it fit - because you didn't spend all that time and money just to have it sit in your drawer.

Choosing a Size and Altering To Fit.
Sizing and fitting information to make that sweater look great.

The Red Scarf Project - 2007.
Knitting for a good cause - 2007's Red Scarf Project pattern.

The Swatch that Mistook Itself for a Hat and Its Friends.
Knitting from stash - hats and a sweater.

The Lavender Cotton Shirt and the No-Sewing Seams.
A versatile, multiseason shirt - with almost no sewing!

A Neat Turtleneck that Doesn't Bind!
How not to be done in by your sweater - three ways to finish your turtleneck.

Making It Fit - a Tips and Tricks Sizing Guide.
Tips and tricks on sizing your projects.

Oh, No! Not the Boyfriend Sweater!
Tips and tricks on how to avoid the curse and keep the boyfriend.

Substituting One Yarn for Another for Love or Money.
If you've found a knitting pattern you love, but either hate or can't afford the recommended yarn, this special knitting tip will save you money and hassle.

Winding Balls, Casting On, Joining Yarns and Getting the Hem You Prefer
For many knitters, these basic techniques may have been missed when you were learning to knit. Learn them now to improve your skills.